Great article in the NY Times on the conflict of old industry and new development – again, I wonder if the Bushwick Creek got off easy when it was just filled in, rather than kept on life support for decades, only to be Superfunded.  It’s always been amazing to me that the Gowanus Canal was man-made – and it still became the most famous example of large-scale industrial water pollution in New York.

“As the population continues to grow, in New York City and elsewhere, there will be increasing pressure to develop environmentally problematic sites, which tend to be close to the heart of the city and to offer the kind of large tracts coveted by developers.”



One response to “Gowanus

  • NW

    Just watched this awesomely eye-opening film with my husband after reading about it in our local “Greenline” newspaper. Thank you for making this. I hope more people watch it and that more pressure is placed on NYC officials to regulate growth appropriately in Brooklyn.

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