Credits / Thanks

Big thanks to everyone who agreed to participate in this movie, including:

Eve Andree Laramie, for sharing her studio, being full of great ideas, and going divining with me;

Ward Dennis, for writing the initial blog post that got this movie underway;

Ann Buttenweiser, for sharing an hour of her busy time with me, and writing a fascinating book;

George, Janice, Laura and Mike of the Greenpoint Monitor Museum / Barge Park Pals, for grounding me in the history of the neighborhood;

Robin Michals, photographer, for poring over old maps to find the locations of former MGP sites, and sharing her insights with me;

Mary Hasbritt, preservationist, for giving a wonderful historical tour of our neighborhood;

Patricia Culligan, for elucidating the scientific side of remediation, and writing a great book on it;

Dewey Thompson, filmmaker and activist, for taking me on a 6AM canoe ride into the Inlet;

Laura Treciokas, Chair, Friends of Bushwick Inlet Park, for introducing me to loads of people and ideas.

Also, thanks to NYIT for the use of their video equipment.

This video was shot on two cameras: the Sony HVR-Z1U, and the new Sony NEX-VG10.  Edited using Final Cut Pro 7, audio fixin’s via SoundTrack Pro, motion graphics work done in Apple Motion 4.

All music is performed by Django Reinhardt, often in collaboration with Stephane Grappelli, all of which is in the public domain.

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