More Information

Want to get involved in any of the issues raised in this documentary? Here are some links to get you started:

Activist and Neighborhood links:

  • Interested in whether there’s an environmental remediation site near your apartment in New York? The list that Robin refers to in the movie can be found here.  Just click on “Environmental Site Remediation Database Search,” enter your county, and read through the listings. (The list has already changed substantially since the movie was shot)
  • A full report on the Williamsburg Works site and its toxicity can be found here.
  • Watch “Toxic Brooklyn” in its entirety on Babelgum.
  • Friends of Bushwick Inlet Park: a community group celebrating the addition of our promised parkland.
  • The NYC Department of Parks.
  • The Open Space Alliance for North Brooklyn: good people who all too often get a bad rap.
  • Neighbors Allied for Good Growth (NAGG): Keeping the community active in the changes that affect the neighborhood.
  • Save Brooklyn’s Industrial Heritage: A project of the Municipal Art Society of New York.  There’s an entire section on Greenpoint & Williamsburg that warrants your attention.
  • The Greenpoint Monitor Museum’s Website.
  • The Eastern District: Brooklyn 11211, a blog dedicated to the often-underhanded goings-on regarding our local community.  The source for the inspiration for this movie.
  • Ann Buttenweiser and the Neptune Society started New York’s Floating Pool: check it out! Also be sure to watch the excellent documentary on the subject, available here.

Film and Audio related links:

  • The #1 source for copyright-free archival film and music,  Check out the Prelinger Archives: Rick Prelinger’s extensive (and downloadable!) collection of educational and industrial films from the 20th Century.  All archival footage and Django Reinhardt music in the movie came from here and is in the public domain.
  • Training Reels: My in-progress Website dedicated to teaching non-professionals with no film experience how to make their own documentaries.

Contacting me:

If you’d like to contact me directly without leaving a public comment on this blog, use this form:

Thanks for watching!

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