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I have ‘digested’ this movie, by which I mean you can watch it in sections, and embed/re-post only the relevant parts elsewhere, if you so desire.   Each part is around 4 or 5 minutes, and is named after the individual(s) who generously donated their time and expertise to talking with me.

Alternately, you can watch the movie in its entirety here:

Part I: Ward

A brief introduction to the area of Greenpoint, Brooklyn, at the strange confluence of  historically massive industrial pollution and new, huge, expensive residential high-rises.

Part II: Ann

An exploration of the history of New York City’s approach to manipulating the waterfront to meet the needs of an ever-expanding population.

Part III: George

A group of local historians hope to open a museum on the Bushwick Inlet honoring the construction of the USS Monitor, the first ironclad.  Like everything involving Brooklyn’s waterfront, things don’t proceed as expected.

Part IV: Pollution

First the Bushwick Creek was ‘shortened’ to be the Bushwick Inlet.   Now its calm waters are being re-purposed not for shipbuilding or industry, but as a public park.  I talk with a representative from the Parks Department about what to expect, and pollution experts on the difficulties of converting industrial land to public use.

Part V: Remediation

How do you turn a former industrial hub into parkland safe enough for children? And to what extent are the residents in Brooklyn even aware of the legacy contamination they live and work on top of every day? (Hint: not very aware.)

6 responses to “Watch Now

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    […] film is posted in five parts – part 1 is shown here, but go watch the rest. It is well done, and an interesting – […]

  • Norman Ave

    Wow. I’ve always wondered about the inlet after looking at it on old maps. I have live in the neighborhood and I’ve always been concerned about the ground quality, but I had no idea the magnitude of the pollution in the past. Let’s just say that all my garden veggies are going in pots from now on.

  • Greenpointer

    Great movie. Very informative. I have been living here my whole life (59 years). Never really ventured to that part of Greenpoint until recently. Good luck with the park and museum.

  • Kevin karpinski

    Funny how things happen, How ideas disseminate, how spontaneously unbeknownst to others ideas come into the world. Sometimes we act on these seemingly random and/or absurdities that turn into our projects, art and/or endeavors!

    For the last ten years i have been documenting, collecting data and conversations about a burried creek in minneapolis, Minnesota.

    I will watch your movie tonight. Looking forward to it. Thank you for this offering to the world.


  • Bushwick resident

    Great documentary but the music gets annoying, and the narrator’s nebbish voice is hard to take seriously.

  • Allison

    Thanks for the great film! I’ve lived in Williamsburg for 24 years and I was always fascinated by the old abandoned buildings that were down on the waterfront when I first came here. But I didn’t know how to get any information about them. Lately more info is turning up online, and I’ve been learning as much as I can about the history of the neighborhood. Really appreciate the information you give here.

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